What we can do for you

WesPic is a Digital Media Marketing Design studio with focus on Print, Photography, Video/Animation and Web Design.  High impact graphic design is integral to successful communications effort and can have a powerful, positive impact on how your clients view your business or how your product is perceived.

Our creative team has extensive design knowledge and are skilled in in delivering innovative, eye-catching and high impact designs that work. Our client list includes large and small commercial enterprises and governmental agencies in Trinidad and Tobago. 

  • We work on many different types of projects:
    • Websites
    • Annual Reports
  • • Press Advertisements
  • • Magazine Layouts
  • • Corporate Identity Packages
  • • Digital Presentations
  • • Marketing Videos
  • •Television Ads
  • • Animation

  • Design For Print
    We create layouts that truly tell the story of your business, service or product in a visually impactful way. Always staying true to your organizational personality and standards.  Our experience has allowed us to hone the art of presenting information that is visually appealing and specified to targeted audiences. See samples on our site

    The advent of small, portable digital cameras in mobile phones and pda’s has turned us all into potential photographers.  However, the art of photography is one which we are dedicated to, carefully crafting lighting, composition and framing.  We take great pride in meeting international technical standards with our equipment, technique and creative flair.  From Corporate to Commercial photography, we ensure that our images meet with your satisfaction and are always appropriate for the application. See samples on our site.

    Video and Animation
    We enjoy working with the moving image to craft a narrative that speaks for our clients.  From commercials to bespoke marketing videos, we use the latest in digital technology to manipulate and present innovative animated video pieces.  See samples on our site.

    Web Design
    We believe that websites must be engaging, easy to navigate and functional.  Delivering websites that are visually appealing and a pleasure to use is our objective on every web design project and we have delivered quite a few to satisfied clients.  Blending Dreamweaver, Flash, databases and other technologies into one seamless interface is par for the course – it’s what we do.  Once your site is built we can even work on optimization to maximize valuable traffic to your site.


New Service

Our Vision:

Creativity at its most professionally expressive: made manageable, accessible and providing powerful solutions..

Our Mission:

To fully connect with clients and bring alive dynamic, moving marketing concepts.