Our Policy

Our company's policies are set guidelines to aid professional practice.
Guidelines that govern the way we work and how we maintain high standards for customer service and productivity.

We will forego an assignment if it will inevitably lead to either the losing of a client in the future or the tarnishing of the company's reputation.


We can furnish a quotation once the following conditions have been met:
• Scope of what has to be developed is submitted via email.
• Clearly defined time for delivery.
• Clear understanding that we do not have a credit facility.
• An agreement to terms of engagement by our client.
• Budget approval plus non-refundable mobilisation payment
or purchase order to begin project.
• Balance payment once assignment has been approved.

• To ensure clarity in communication and quality of service, we strictly do not accept project information over the telephone.
• Client amendments and instructions accepted via email only.
• In the event of ambiguity, we will conduct research until all aspects have been defined.
• We aim to respond to technical support questions from existing clients within the same work day.
• We reserve the right to withdraw services for late payment or whereas invoices for generated works have not been paid.
• The customer is required to pay a $350.00 recovery fee. This ONLY applies to cases where the documents or generated works by us have been created beyond a 3 month time frame.

• Each project is allowed two sets of changes. Unlimited changes per set.
Further development beyond the client's second amendment will incur a charge of 20% per additional set of adjustments.
• Final composite works available in industry standard reproductive formats:
PDF, AVI, JPG, SWF, and QUICKTIME where applicable. 
• Source files and supporting components are sold separately.
• Wespic retains sole intellectual rights for repurposing, editing and manipulation of all generated works unless the necessary (IP) rights have been purchased by the client



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