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Graphic design takes place on two levels.. 

First there is the creative skill, visual problem solving and then there is the technical ability you need to execute your ideas. But if you are just entering the beautiful world of digital media.. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop would be a good place to start. Getting acquainted with these two bits of software are the main staple in almost every graphic designer's tool kit. No matter where in the industry they work. 

Wespic hosts an intensive, innovative graphic imaging and photography certificate courses using Adobe© Photoshop and Illustrator, designed to enable the growing numbers of individuals who dream of crafting a career out of these abilities. “The times are exciting for people who have that skill. Opportunities exist, and can also be made,”.

This workshop runs for six weeks, and past students have enthusiastically described the classes as fun, inventive and very beneficial.

Graphic design and photography is everywhere. In Trinidad and Tobago you can find it on book covers, magazines, billboards, product packaging, commercials and websites. It's a means to visually communicate a message to a given audience, whether to sell a product, promote an image, or inform the public.

It's a means to visually communicate a message to a given audience, whether to sell a product, promote an image, or inform the public. Graphic design is a perfect mix of creativity and business.

Students wishing to study graphic design should possess some of the following qualities:

First and foremost, be original. Graphic design is a means of getting a message to a mass audience, but in order to do that you'll need to get their attention in a way that no one has ever done before.

Be a Good Listener
Graphic design isn't all about you. It involves dealing with clients and supervisors who have their own expectations. You'll need to understand what they're looking for and what you can do to meet their objectives.

Communicate Effectively
Can you apply the needs and wants of your client AND get a message across in a clear, concise manner.

As computers have become the norm for graphic designers, the need for pen and paper have decreased. However, the ability to quickly sketch ideas for a client, or incorporate illustrations into a design project will always be an added benefit.

Awareness of the market you are trying to reach. Empathy!

Really understanding how someone feels, their customs, and their beleifs can help you hit the target with your design. Also because there is How have others effectively communicated the same idea through art? What design principles did they use? The answers to these questions not only make you more knowledgeable about the industry, but are also a major help for future projects.

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